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The Boulder County Bar Association (BCBA) offers career development opportunities, with many events to network and learn. The advantage of bar membership, however, is the unique ability to make a difference in the legal profession - and the community. Through community service, section and committee initiatives and bench/bar interactions, the members of the bar not only develop their skills and their careers, they also serve as advocates for change which reaches far beyond the doors of our law firms.

February President's Page

One of my favorite parts of being a law clerk was voir dire. I loved watching how different lawyers navigated through the process of identifying which potential jurors posed the greatest danger to their case. 

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Saturday February 24, 2018 at 7:00pm

The Studio Boulder
3550 Frontier Avenue - Boulder

for all attendees


2018 High School Mock Trials

The 2018 Mock Trials will run from Thursday, February 8 through Saturday, February 10. Please click here to volunteer as a Scoring or Presiding Judge at this great event!

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